Live Music Lineup
Original Music / Local Songwriters

Bloody Stupid Travellers

12:00 – 12:45
Husband/Wife duo of good wholesome folk and bluegrass music at its best.
Acoustic guitar and violin along with soothing vocal harmonies. Come fall in
love with the tones in this first music set to get the day kicked off right.

The Stay‐at‐Home Troubadours
1:00 – 1:45

The McBros join in with Neal/Dora for a variety of original music along with
covers from Van Morrison to Footloose. Adding beats, bass, and more guitar
for some extra N. Johnson Gypsy flavor. You don’t want to miss this mix of
musically bonded families jamming together as one under the sun.

Randy Brown
2:00 – 2:45

More original music from local singer/songwriter Randy Brown. From folk to
country to jazz sambas all the way to acoustic rock. A seasoned performer
recently selected as a Regional Finalist in the 2009 Kerrville Folk Festival.
Stick around for this fun‐filled ride of crowd pleasing original tunes.

The Rhinetones
3:00 – 3:45

Local artist Michael McBurnett and The Rhinetones. Original jams from one
of Mineola’s best kept musical secrets. Rocking riffs, funky beats, and
smooth melodies that you will want playing in your car stereo long after this
set is finished.

N. Johnson. Gypsy Jam
4:00 – 5:00

Various artists from the day join together for a last hour jam session. Guest
musicians and friends join in to perform on a variety of original music and
covers. Come top‐off the day with a N. Johnson Gypsy style bang.

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