Mineola Gypsy Market 2011 Wrap-Up

Posted in Gypsy Market Information on October 9th, 2011 by Scott

October 8th was the date of the 2011 Mineola Gypsy Market. The weather was cooperative as were the people of Mineola, Wood County and surrounding areas. Gypsy Market 2011 enjoyed larger crowds than ever. The vendors did well, the sponsors were thrilled and a great time was had by all.

Truffula Tree - Winner of Gypsy Market 2011 Battle of the Bands

Truffula Tree - Winner of Gypsy Market 2011 Battle of the Bands

2011 marked a few firsts for Mineola festivals. Our Budweiser Battle of the Bands turned out to be a real hit with the crowd. Eight bands performed with the winner taking a $2000 cash prize in a winner-take-all event. During the event, we saw an amazing spirit of cooperation and unity among the bands. We had bands loaning each other instruments and equipment throughout the day. Our bands were truly happy to be there and be a part of the Gypsy Market.

Performing at the Gypsy Market were:

In the end, and after great effort to pick a winner, Truffula Tree from Tyler went home with the big prize. We would like to congratulate Truffula Tree and we would like to thank all bands who helped make the Battle of the Bands such a whopping success.

History in the Making

The October 8th Gypsy Market was the first event in the history of Mineola to serve beer. Budweiser was the main sponsor of the event. The planning committee worked diligently along with city officials, R&K Distributors in Longview, VFW Post 7523 and the TABC to assure that this was done properly, all laws were followed to the letter and that no problems related to the serving of alcohol arose throughout the day. This was a slow and, often tedious, process since there were so many questions and details to work through and no history or previous experiences to rely on.

No problems were reported. There were no fights, no disturbances or injuries and, even though we had a Mineola police officer there for security, not one single problem came from the sale of beer or wine. The police officer on duty was paid privately by Mineola Gypsy Market LLC.

100% of the profits from the sale of beer went to the Mineola VFW Post, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation.

Jacob Burrell Scholarship Fund

Jacob Burrell

In the midst of a very exciting day yesterday, the Gypsy Market was able to collect $481.00 to be donated to the Jacob Burrell Scholarship Fund. Jacob is our 15- year old Mineola student who was killed last week after a hit and run accident. His funeral is today at 2 p.m. at Sand Springs Church in Mineola. His liver, kidneys and heart were generously donated so that others may live. His mother said that when the heart surgeon removed his heart, the surgeon said ” this is the most beautiful heart I ever seen”. The 15 yr old boys family receiving his heart expressed their gratitude as he is so sick. Donations to the Jacob Burrell Scholarship Fund are being accepted, in lieu of flowers, at Capital One Bank in Mineola.

Planning for Gypsy Market 2012 will commence immediately and details should start to be made public after the first of the year.

If you have any comments, questions or ideas about either the 2011 or the upcoming 2012 event, please use the contact form below to communicate with us.

From all of the gypsies, THANK YOU to everyone involved. We are humbled by your commitment to support this event.