Mineola Gypsy Market 2011 – Meet the Battle of the Bands Judges

Our judges were selected to reflect a diverse array of both musical and performance abilities. They are listed below in the order in which they were confirmed as a judge by the committee.

  • Judge #1
    Mathew Brian
    Judge number one is Mathew Brian. Mathew is a writer, performer, and director. He spent two years at Panola College writing and performing for a variety show that toured the state of Texas. He enjoys music as a hobby, and has written and performed songs with a number of surrounding musicians. Mathew has been involved in various roles of the theatre for the past 15 years including writing and directing two original works here in Mineola.
  • Judge #2
    Will Ross
    Judge number two is Will Ross. Will is the Director of Bands at All Saints School in Tyler. He attended TJC and UT Tyler where he earned his bachelor’s in Music Education. His primary instrument is percussion. Will is a regular of the theater stage as well and has performed in plays in Mineola, Lindale and Tyler Civic Theater in the past 6 years.
  • Judge #3
    Sally McBurnett
    Sally McBurnett has been a private music instructor for over 25 years, in voice and piano. She received her schooling in music education at U.T. Austin and was a member of the U.T. A Capella choir. Over the years, she has been soloist for local choral and theatrical productions. Sally is currently singing and playing keyboard and guitar in a local praise band.
  • Judge #4
    Kevin White
    Currently working as a graphics designer for County Line Magazine, Kevin is also the lead singer for Little Green Men, a popular rock band in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He has been in the music industry for about 15 years. Kevin attended TCU on a music scholarship.
  • Judge #5
    Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis is a 17 year old keyboardist from Mineola, TX. In addition to his terrific playing, he is a soulful singer and talented songwriter. He is the first student in Charlotte Floyd’s 30 year history to receive a standing ovation during a recital. He has played alongside blues grammy nominee, Lucky Peterson. He has created arrangements performed by Van High School and All Saints Episcopal. He is a senior at Van High School. Listen to him tickle the ivories at La Waffalata on Saturdays.