A Message From the Mineola Gypsy Market

The committee of the Mineola Gypsy Market Music and Arts Festival would like to thank you for your participation in this event over the past years.

When this event was formed, it was formed with a purpose in mind, to bring such an event to North Johnson Street in Mineola. It was formed by shop owners, patrons and friends with an interest in doing something good for the city of Mineola and spurring downtown commerce. We can all honestly say that the Gypsy Market did that.

We were the first event in a long time, maybe ever in Mineola, to be put together by a group of friends, as opposed to an organization with a large membership. We were the first event ever to legally serve alcohol in downtown Mineola, and we did it properly and responsibly with the help of our partner, the Mineola VFW post. Every single performer who ever took the stage at a Gypsy Market was a smashing success. Our Battle of the Bands was a success as well. Vendors have done well, the city has done well, local merchants have done well and everybody has won as a result of the Mineola Gypsy Market events.

With all of that said, we now announce that the Mineola Gypsy Market is being dissolved. Many factors have led to this. Perhaps it is the fact that the Fall is so busy and things are going on every weekend, but the Gypsy Market simply did not “make” this year. Our committee has struggled to keep this going and has now decided that the struggle is over.

Any funds we have received for this year’s event will be returned in full. This is not about money. This is about lack of participation and commitment on several fronts for known and unknown reasons.

We choose to look at the positives here, what we accomplished and the positive effects of these accomplishments. Each and every member of our planning committee can be proud of what the Gypsy Market has done. We hope that you, too, are proud of the accomplishments of the Mineola Gypsy Market.

Again, thank you for your participation, every one of you. Whether you attended, helped plan, provided labor or whatever. You are a part of our heart and will always be. Especially our sponsors. The trust and confidence you put in us is humbling. We hope we served your needs well.


The Mineola Gypsy Market Music and Arts Festival Planning Committee

This web site will stay up indefinitely as a reminder of the fun times. Please visit our video archive if you ever need a pick-me-up.